What is Family Volunteer Day?

Occurring annually in November, Family Volunteer Day is a day of service that celebrates the power of families who work together to support their communities and neighborhoods. Volunteering is a great way for kids and adults to make new friends, develop compassion for their neighbors, and even pick up a new skill or two! This annual event is powered nationally by Points of Light and generationOn.

Families come in all shapes and sizes! Family Volunteer day is a great day for everyone to get involved- whether it's the family you live with, a sports team, your sorority and fraternity, or a group of classmates-we can all make an impact in our community!

What Can We Do?

There are lots of ways you can get involved in your community! Start off by searching the Volunteer Opportunities to see if there is a project near you.

Find A Volunteer Opportunity Near Me

You can also create your own service project that fits your interest and schedule. Check out some of the ideas below!

Senior Citizens

Senior centers are often looking for activities for guests to participate in. Your family can visit a nursing home, assisted living facility or senior center and make the visit special by organizing a fun game or craft.

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Plan a day for cleaning up your local park and invite your neighbors and friends to help keep your local park clean and safe for everyone to use!

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Help your local animal shelter by walking and playing with dogs, bathing the animals, washing bowls and other shelter supplies and by simply paying attention to the animals! 

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Disaster & Emergency

Want to show first responders and emergency volunteers your gratitude? Create hand-made thank you cards for firefighters, police officers, Red Cross emergency personnel, and more in your community or somewhere a disaster or emergency has occurred.

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Poverty & Homelessness

On average, over 578,000 people are homeless in the U.S. on a given night--31% without shelter. The winter months can be difficult for those who don’t have the proper winter clothing. Help the people in your community stay cozy this winter with a coat drive!

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Miltary & Veterans

Lots of servicemen and women are deployed around the world. Unfortunately, they're often in scorching deserts or freezing mountain ranges, making it hard to get in holiday spirit. Help them feel the joy of the holidays by sending care packages full of holiday goodies!

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