Youth volunteers throughout the state of Arkansas are addressing the critical needs of their communities in innovative and creative ways. Not only do communities benefit from the power of youth volunteers, but youth also benefit greatly from volunteering. Research on youth volunteer and service-learning programs indicate that youth volunteerism can be linked to gains in communication and teamwork skills, growth in project planning and leadership experience, greater awareness of career options, and even improved academic performance.

Whether you are giving your time because you are passionate about a cause or to build your skills and experience, volunteering is guaranteed to open new doors and create good in your community. Below are resources for youth who are involved in volunteering, classrooms and teachers that utilize service-learning activities, and youth serving-organizations. If you have any questions about youth service or starting a youth volunteer group contact Ashley Moses, Volunteer Program Coordinator 501-320-6458.

Finding Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Volunteer Recognition Programs and Scholarship Opportunities

Resources and Service Project Ideas for Youth Groups

Service-Learning in Arkansas